Presidents Blast

  Jan 2017

   Greetings fellow flyers; Hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed ringing in the New Year. Thank you for electing me president for 2017. To start things off- the first T34 race will be the first Sunday of February. For those of you who lost a plane in the last race and need another, we will have a new supply in a couple days. All colors may not be available but will try to get an assortment. I know that all do not like to race but it seems we really come together at these events.

  Positions are available for CD (contest director) and for membership coordinator as Ben has indicated that he would like out of that position. Oren has said that he will remain as Secretary and might be interested in putting on some fun fly’s’, he has gone through a lot to put these on this last year and I thank him for doing them. To continue them we really need good participation. Any ideas for making 2017 an enjoyable flying year are to be encouraged. Have to thank Tom for being president for the last three years and I think that he did a remarkable job.

   The field has been cut and is in good shape. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the meeting7thJanuary .

Thank you, Richard