Presidents Blast

Dec 2018

Hello fellow pilots, Hope every one has had a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year! The Christmas Party went well and had about 22 people attend. Lots of raffle prizes donated and given away. New year brings us T34 racing with the first one on the 6th of January. There is a discussion about allowing planes with other than 46's to participate which we can discuss at the pilots meeting prerace. With the club meeting on the 13th both starting at 11:00. Weather permitting of course. We confirmed the new officers for 2019, as it was a white ticket, a show of hands was all that was needed. Richard Hartwig - President, John White, Vice President, Monty Welch, Treasure, Oren Redsun, Secretary, Don Prosser, Safety. Flying field looks good and with this rain it will be the time to cut when the ground can keep the mower from bogging down. The weather is windy as I write this, but should get to the time were we can really enjoy the flying weather.

  A little note here is that I have heard that our past president Tom Dodd has passed away in October. Sorry to hear that news and will be missed by many. He helped me numerous times.

Richard Hartwig

VVRC President

  Sept 2018


We had a great day of flying. Sidney was nice enough to cook for the crew. Sidney has progressed to be able to fly his Sig Kadet on his own.

John White flew his Avistar for it's maiden flight. Well Ron actually flew it for him. A real great day of flying...

Thank you, Richard